The intimate and welcoming atmosphere comes from the fusion of art, history, good taste and hospitality. Here, every sensory experience has the scents and the colours of the sea.


Umberto a Mare’s long success has always been ensured by passion and dedication to good food together with the continuous search of taste and propensity to hospitality.


Umberto a Mare is a 3 star Hotel by the seaside: it offers a stay of comfort and relaxation, gives the guest a breathtaking 360 degrees view and makes them arrive, inspire and feel immediately on holiday.


Umberto a Mare means Art for Ischia Island. It’s a sanctuary of painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media art, and fine craftsmanship.

Umberto a Mare EventsBANQUETING

Feel the magic of an unforgettable Umberto a Mare event; a unique location clinging to Forio d’Ischia rocks, where you can breathe the scents of the sea from dawn to dusk, be surrounded by elegant interiors and find your comfortable spot in the outdoor open spaces, enjoy the finest dining and count on top quality service dedicated to your special occasion.

More than 500 labels for wineWINE MENU

Umberto a Mare wine cellar opens its doors for guests: the best Italian labels and selected collections of wine are displayed to give you a unique experience of perfume and taste.

Choose a Umberto a Mare presentGIFTS

Why don’t you treat yourself with or give somebody you love a dreamy experience of a list of wine paired to a tasting menu?