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Small Hotel “Umberto a mare”

"Umberto at sea" has become one of the landmarks of the island for many travelers tired of the usual routes, often much more than boring, mass tourism.

Originally (1936) was established as an inn, where he can also stop and enjoy the view and drink a glass of water or wine. Attached to the little restaurant was an inn with only two rooms which over time went to year after year to add the other 9 rooms, bringing the current number of 11 rooms.

The 11 rooms have a basic furnishings, subject and style of the insertion sites in the surrounding environment.

Annexed to the structure 2 in a solarium on the sea with private descent into the water, beach and more private mooring for small boats, a restaurant and a cafe, with Wi Fi Zone.

Describe in simple terms the delightful position it occupies such a structure, an operation is very difficult, perhaps because it may be useful for this purpose the words used by Joseph D'ax in his book went to press for the first time in 1867 "History of 'Ischia ( reprinted several times and still used by many scholars and curious history of the island:

- ... .. The tip of the ward and a terrace, a viewpoint, formed on top of a promontory which is the extreme western tip of the town, which stretches between the waves that bathe around the sides of the west, north and south ... ... ... ... visit this terrace, and so stop in this or another specified point, or where you like best at sunset for all seasons, and then we will say if we were novelists, fair or indicators, when they announce
this place as the most charming part of town ... ... -







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